How to use the Xbox 360 data transfer cable

If you just bought a new Xbox 360 and are worried about how to get all of your information off the old console don’t worry, you can transfer everything (gamertags, games, videos, music, saved games,  and your achievements, to your new Xbox easily.


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xbox transfer cable


Special Note: If you only have a small amount of information, you can use an Xbox USB flash drive to save your gamertag and a few of your saved games.

Before we begin, make sure that Xbox is updated with the latest system software. Just sign in to Xbox LIVE with your new console and if needed, within a few seconds a prompt will appear on the screen asking you to download the latest software.


To transfer content to another Xbox console

1. Remove the old hard drive from the Xbox 360 and set it down in front of the new Xbox.

2. Connect the transfer cable to your old hard drive first. Connect the opposite end of the transfer cable to one of the USB port on the front of the new Xbox, just as you see in the pics below.

After you have connected the cable to both devices, you’re ready to start transferring information.

Connected Xbox 360 S Hard Drive

xbox slim

Connected original Xbox 360 Hard Drive

original xbox

3. Turn on your new Xbox and if your software is up to date, you will see the message below come onto the screen.

xbox transfer console

Select Yes, transfer to console and push A on the controller.

Special Note: If you don’t the message appear on the screen, then you have to update your Xbox software.


4. Go to Start, and push A on your controller to start the data transfer.

xbox transfer options

The data transfer could take a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on how much stuff is on the old hard drive. After the transfer is done, restart the Xbox and check your System Settings to make sure that everything transferred and that’s it. Sign in with the new Xbox and enjoy.

How to use the Xbox 360 data transfer cable