People Who Fix Xbox 360′s

Xbox 360 repair locally

Finding people who fix xbox 360′s is a little easier these days because of the popularity of the gaming system. Replacing a hard drive is simple but people who fix xbox 360′s as a profession should look into other issues with the console. In the brief outline below, you will find some useful tips on finding a company in your area that does xbox repair.



Things you will need:



Phone book


  1. Grab a pen some paper and the phone book. Look under computer repair and try to locate a few companies in the area. Some buy ads and some don’t but look for any that say video game or xbox repair.


  1. Make a short list of around 10 of the xbox repair companies that you found. If any of them list their website address, be sure to write that down also. Sometimes game repair services have coupons on their sites that you can use.


  1. Write down on a separate piece of paper exactly what the problem is with your xbox and when you started to notice the issue. Most xbox repair services will ask you this question so it’s a good idea that you be able to clearly explain what is going on.


  1. Start at the bottom of your list and give each of the xbox repairers a call. When you call be sure to write down pricing and warranty information for each before you decide which xbox repair service best fits your needs and budget.


  1. Check over the list now that you have made contact with all of the video game repair companies. Determine which are your top three choices. If one of the xbox repairers offers something that one does not, don’t be afraid to call them again to do a little negotiating. You can often get the very best price by letting them know that a competitor is willing to repair your xbox for cheaper.


  1. Take a trip down to the xbox repair company that you have chosen. While you are there be sure to take a few notes while speaking with the xbox technician. Always write down the name of the person that helped you.


Tips: If you are not finding any companies that service or repair the xbox, the internet can also help you narrow down your search. You will want to type in people who fix xbox 360′s along with the city you live in for the best results.

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