Hard Drive for Xbox 360

hard drive for original xboxNote Before we begin, one thing you should remember is when you handling your Xbox 360 hard drive, never touch the contacts on the hard disk drive. In addition, you should avoid the use of any metal objects.



Attaching a hard drive for Xbox 360, original console.

1. Be sure that the Xbox is turned off and unplugged from the electric socket in your home.
2. Place the back of the new hard drive for Xbox against the back of the bay, just as you see in the pic below.

Special Note If your Xbox did not originally have a hard drive installed, you have to remove the bay cover on the side of your Xbox first.

Top of the xbox 360








3. Position your new hard drive into place by inserting the rear of the drive into the bay first

Push hard drive release tab








4. Gently push the front of the hard drive down into place. You should hear it click or engage. Pull up on it lightly to make sure that it is secured into position. Check your setting to make sure that Xbox detects the new hard drive.


Removing the hard drive for Xbox 360, original console

1. Turn off the Xbox and be sure that it is unplugged.
2. Locate your old hard drive on the left of the console. It will be on the top, rear if you have your Xbox standing vertically.

Special Note If you don’t see the hard drive for Xbox, then your console did not come with one. You will instead see a rectangular cover.

Stand xbox on right side














3. Look for a small button at the front of the hard drive. Place one hand on the hard drive. Press the button down on the hard drive with your index finger.

Locate the hard drive securing tab









4. Lift the hard drive up in the front first–like your opening a door–then slide it to your left, away from the Xbox console.

Push tab down and lift off hard drive











Hard Drive for Xbox 360