Ear Force X31 Digital RF Wireless Game Audio + Xbox Live Chat

Ear Force X31 Digital RF Wireless Game Audio + Xbox Live Chat

  • Digital RF Wireless USB Powered Analog Stereo Inputs Adjustable Mic Boom
  • Independent Game Volume Independent XBOX Live Chat Volume Amplifier
  • Mic Mute Switch Bass Boost Microphone Monitor Oversized Ear Cups Stereo Expander
  • Chat boost
  • Headphone Speaker Size 40mm Battery Auto Shut-Off Battery Life > 20hrs; Range up to 30

The Ear Force X31 is our third generation of wireless headsets for the XBOX 360. Like the X3, the X31 combines XBOX live chat with wireless game sound so you can hear the game sound and the voices of other players in the headset. In other words, it replaces your XBOX communicator headset and external speakers. By hearing the XBOX Live chat in the center of your head rather than in one ear, you can communicate better online. By eliminating speakers you can turn up the game without disturbing others. And, by having the game sound right on top of your ears, you can hear even the softest sound cues that are impossible to hear with speakers. For example, you can hear when someone is quietly sneaking up on you and react faster. That means you’ll have a totally immersive gaming experience while becoming a better player. Just like the X3, the X31 includes a headset and small transmitter. As you can see, the colors have been changed so it’s easy to see it’s a new model. What is different, however, is that we made the headset more comfortable by increasing the size of the ear cups so they sit around your ears rather than on top of them. We also replaced the vinyl ear cushions with these soft, fabric mesh cushions that let your ears breathe. The most significant improvement is that the X31 uses digital 2.4 Giga Hertz Radio Frequency wireless technology. This new digital RF technology is a huge improvement over analog IR because it delivers CD-quality sound with no background hiss, no interference from plasma TV screens and no line of sight restrictions between the transmitter and headset. Sound quality is improved with new 40mm speakers that use the same design as our high-quality X41 50mm speakers for better frequency response and improved clarity in the game sound. Inside the headset is a digital signal processor for bass boost and stereo expander effects, which can be turned on by pressing this button. This makes the expander more dramatic than the X3.

List Price: $ 99.99

Price: [wpramaprice asin="B002KSPL36"]

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